Team - Lakeshore Paddleboard Co.


General Manager / Co-Founder / Co-Owner


Sean Adlao is the mastermind behind the brand. He is an excellent business manager with a proven ability to solve problems. And his passion for design along with his creativity in advertising & marketing has led the product development, graphics, and overall brand image. The evolution of Lakeshore, as a brand and a business entity, is a direct result of Sean’s entrepreneurial vision and innovation.





Sales Director / Co-Founder / Co-Owner


Mike Tessier is a public relations and customer service expert. His exceptional sales skills along with his outgoing social personality make him the ultimate brand ambassador. Mike’s passion for standup paddling and drive to be involved in the industry led to the partnership that makes up Lakeshore’s foundation. And his professional experience with advertising & marketing has been an integral component in the progression and innovation of the brand.





Executive Director / Co-Founder / Co-Owner


Aytan Litwin is an international sourcing guru and quality control specialist. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in international business in regards to purchasing, outsourcing, production, shipping, logistics, and communication with overseas companies. He has provided Lakeshore with the necessary tools to offer quality products to customers with ease and efficiency. Aytan is also heavily involved with the overall development of business operations.