Lakeshore Paddleboard Co. was founded in the spring of 2009 by three lifelong friends who grew up together surrounded by the beautiful mountains of the Sierra Nevada range.  Since its inception, Lakeshore has developed into a premier brand of touring stand up paddleboards with specialized designs in displacement hulls and piercing bows shaped for recreational use.  Lakeshore is the result of 15 years of unparalleled commitment and incomparable passion.  Our main goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle consisting of adventure, fitness, competition, and fun.  We are proud to offer a line of products that truly represent the environment we live, and play in.  Lakeshore is not just a brand, Lakeshore is a lifestyle. And we invite you to become part of it!


Lakeshore’s board designs are different from the typical “surf-style” SUPs because we have sharp vertically shaped front displacement hulls or piercing bows similar to canoes, which enable the boards to slice through the water rather than plane on top of the water, giving the boards increased performance, speed, and tracking ability. Our hull types are the best designs for stand up paddling which make our boards the “correct” product for paddling lakes, rivers, canals, ocean harbors, and beyond the surf zone.


In addition, Lakeshore SUPs have lower rocker profiles that increase the length of water line to maximize speed and glide, square rails that create better balance by having more buoyancy, and numerous tie-downs & straps to hold all your gear.


Simply put, Lakeshore Paddleboard Co. is your flatwater touring specialist.


Lakeshore Paddleboard Co., based in Reno, Nevada, is leading the evolution of inland market board styles and branding.  Lakeshore has set the standard of innovation and technology with a full range of displacement and piercing hull shapes for people looking to explore adventure, fitness, and fun in the sport of stand up paddling.


“Dream; Innovate; Inspire – that is what we do. Sharing this passion with others is what we love. Lakeshore is dedicated to give our customers the best possible products, service, and lifestyle. That is our promise!”