Map of Lake Tahoe's Best Paddleboarding Spots and Beaches Part 3

Lake Tahoe’s Best SUP Tours, Part Three – Bliss to Emerald Bay

Last route, best route. Lake Tahoe has no bad side, but Emerald Bay is absolutely a gem. Throw in the Caribbean blue of D.L. Bliss and you have one of the most incredible paddle routes on all of Tahoe.
It’s nine miles of soaring eagles, majestic cliffs, multi-million dollar shoreline estates and sunken ships. There’s tons to see, so get our free infographic and get paddling. You’ll get details on:
• A complete map of route with distances
• Parking info and launch sites
• Above-water and below-water sights to see
• Famous landmarks for the perfect photo op
• Best time to paddle
• Overall rating
• Where to refuel after the fun
Just like our Sand Harbor to Skunk fun run and Bliss to Meeks tour (or Meeks to Bliss if you’re feeling contrary), all you need to do is complete this form for the free infographic. And hey, send us a pic on the paddle!

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