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Mapping Lake Tahoe’s Best Paddleboarding Routes & Tours, Part Two


After kicking off our Tahoe paddling series with our infographic from Sand Harbor to Skunk, we’re moving to the other side of the lake.


The Seven-Mile Shuttle Tour from DL Bliss State Park to Chambers Landing, or vice versa for you lefties, is a jaw-dropping tour. Whichever launch point you choose, enjoy the Caribbean blue water and the pit stops along the way. Highlights are below, and a form to snag the rest in our free, handy infographic is beneath that. Get it!


  • -A complete map of route with distances
  • -Launch sites & essential tips
  • -Best time to paddle
  • -Overall rating
  • -Where to refuel during and after the fun


So what are you waiting for? Fill out this form now and we’ll send you our free infographic for the Tahoe paddle route running from D.L. Bliss to Chambers (or vice versa if you’re feeling it). Stay tuned for the last in our series – it’s going to be the best yet.



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