Fuel for the Paddle


Pop quiz – you’re on a long paddle and getting hungry. What can you reach for that has the perfect mix of protein and carbs to keep you going and is both convenient and pretty damn tasty?


Okay, this is an easy one. If you said an energy bar, good answer. But big bonus points if you said Tahoe Trail Bar.


TTB-1Have you tried these things yet? Hands down some of the tastiest bars we’ve sampled, and a Tahoe product through and through. They started over a decade ago with small batches in a little coffee shop on the south shore, and demand quickly launched the bar into distribution at grocery stores, ski resorts and athletics shops not just regionally, but across the entire U.S.


They’re made with a mix of wholesome, recognizable ingredients – things like oats and rice, coconut, chocolate and cranberries, raisins, sunflower seeds, flax and sesame seeds. Good stuff. One of these will keep you going when you’re on the water, your energy is flagging and your stomach is making noise but you’re just not ready to call it a day yet. Even better, Tahoe Trail Bars are soft and pliable – but still maintain their general shape – so you can stuff them pretty much anywhere, and they’re still good to eat no matter how flat they get. Try that with a banana.


Actually, don’t. Just jump over to Tahoe Trail Bar and use promo code LPC15 to save 15{1555bc497fedb7c349d3e44122482c6c50a1ce5e7f076ad99f2f25554d972907} on anything you order. Then come back soon – we’re about to launch the first in our mini-series of Tahoe paddle routes complete with free infographics, just in time for SUP season.



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