The Instafan Update


A picture is worth a thousand words.  And there’s no better social media platform than Instagram

@breezeturner:Breeze is back in action in Lake Tahoe after another vacation in the Caribbean.



Hannah hikes into a remote area of Lake Tahoe shoreline for another adventure with her inflatable Heavenly Air.



SurfO6 is chillin like a villain with his Sunset Cruiser.  Yep, it’s that easy.



Heather races by on the Great Salt Lake in Utah as Trent Hickman of Park City SUP stokes out another one of his happy customers with a Stealth12.6.



Follow Amber on her journey to paddle 100 different bodies of water on her inflatable Heavenly Air in Wisconsin and Minnesota this summer.



Sophia braves pollen season just to get out on her new 2015 Wet Woody.



Another one from Hannah as she rides off into an April sunset.


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