How Expensive is a Full Paddleboard Package? Let’s Compare


As the sport of standup continues its outrageous growth and trickles inland to spots like northern Nevada, one of the first things people ask is always, “What does it cost?” We won’t lie – you can spend a fortune on a sweet raceboard like the Stealth , but there are also deals to be had on demo boards if you know where to look. Let’s put it into terms that most outdoor enthusiasts will understand and compare an average SUP package to an average ski package, mountain bike package, and golf package.


So yes, a paddleboard like the Wet Woody Sport, which retails for $1349, costs more than a good pair of skis (somewhere in the $800 range each). But don’t make the mistake of just comparing the cost of the big stuff. Basic winter essentials – and you can’t ski without them – can really add up. But let’s say you’re borrowing all that stuff. You’re still springing for the cost of a lift ticket, season pass, or green fees!


Here’s the bottom line – all costs considered, it’s far less expensive to spring for a new paddleboard and a paddle (even with new trunks, hat, and accessories!) than it is to buy a complete ski, bike, or golf package. Even better, once you make the initial splurge, paddleboarding isn’t going to cost you anything more. Except maybe a parking pass.


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  1. Honestly, you guys were generous with these comparisons. The mountain biking projection is probably is low. That sports sucks you dry, at times. I can’t wait to get myself a LPC board!

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