Too Cold to Paddle? Master This SUP Technique at Home


For northern Nevadans, October is the unofficial end of warm weather. For the vast majority of the local SUP community, it’s also the end of paddling season. But buck up, friends! Consider it a few months to master key components of your paddling game. Let’s start with this living room game-changer: mastering the ol’ paddle catch and release with a bonus core burn.


You’ll need:

  Your paddle

  A milk crate, bench, box or something similar (think low and sturdy)

  A Velcro ankle or wrist weight in the two to five-pound range


Here’s the set up:

IMG_1305  Strap the weight around the bottom of the paddle shaft right above the blade.

  Stand on your chosen platform, bending your knees slightly to a proper 15-degree angle.

  Begin a paddle motion on one side, keeping your core tight, emphasizing technique – a smooth, methodical catch and release motion.

  After eight to ten strokes on one side, switch hands, again focusing on a smooth transition.


Practicing your stroke with a bit of resistance is a great way to perfect technique no matter how miserable it is outside. Keep your core tight during this exercise and you’ll feel it in the morning!


One response to “Too Cold to Paddle? Master This SUP Technique at Home

  1. Great winter training! I use pretty much the same setup…except I stand on a Bosu ball for the “stability” factor!

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