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I just wanted to say thank you to you guys . About a month ago I wanted to try paddle boarding out but faced a problem . I’m 6’4 342lbs former football player and have wanted to sup for a long time .The problem was I couldn’t find a board that I could feel comfortable on and keep myself up . I went to a lake near Ashland Oregon where they rented boards and was having trouble on everything .The owners of the rental place had brought one of their own boards for me to try “The River Rover ” still being hard at first I kept at it . I have paddled 5 times a week or more on that board and have progressed a lot . I am even gonna sign up for a recreation race the California paddle in Whisky Town lake right outside of Redding . I see how much potential this board has and wants to keep showing me I can do more . I wanna be able to show bigger guys that this board can do more than just hold a lot of weight and cruise around . I have found a true passion something that makes me wake up every morning and make me wanna get fit and get outside and go paddle . If I hadn’t found a board that could hold me I would of gotten discouraged but I found one and you guys make it ! So I am truly grateful that you guys put out a board that can help bigger people out .I’m on a mission and people might think OMG that guy is a big dude riding that kinda of board in a race but hey its gonna be awesome ! Thank you Lakeshore Paddleboard Company for your awesome boards you put out .My goal is to do a race in Tahoe and I’ll have to come check you guys out .I plan on buying my own River Rover soon too and have been fortunate some people have let me borrow theirs for now .Thank you for your time .


Chaz McKenna


Photo Below: The River Rover proving its worth for Dave Cornthwaite and all his gear.


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