February 11th, 2013 – Lakeshore leads Innovation & Technology

Lakeshore Paddleboard Company designs and manufactures stand-up paddleboards specifically for the flat-water market with a core focus on the recreational and fitness aspects of this sport.  Our main goal is to offer a premium brand which truly represents a “lifestyle”; a lifestyle consisting of health, adventure, fun, and freedom.


Lakeshore’s stand-up paddleboards are the ultimate watercraft for exploration, discovery, fitness, and individual expression.  Our board designs are different from the typical “surf-style” SUPs because they have characteristics unique only to flat-water paddling.  Here is what separates us from other brands:


Flat-Water Design:

Lakeshore SUPs have sharp vertically shaped front displacement hulls similar to canoes.  And high tech wave piercing bows modeled after sail boat racing designs.  These hull shapes enable the boards to slice through the water rather than plane on top of the water, giving the boards increased performance, speed, and tracking ability.  Displacement hulls and wave piercing bows are the best designs for flat-water and make our boards the “correct” product for paddling lakes, rivers, ocean harbors, and beyond the surf zone.


Lakeshore SUPs have a much lower rocker profile to increase the length of the water line to maximize speed and glide.  They also have squared rails which create more volume around the edges of the board, providing better balance and more buoyancy in fresh water.  A flattened top deck also provides a more comfortable standing area.


Lakeshore SUPs have numerous tie-downs & straps to hold all your flat-water gear, convenient built-in carrying handles for ease of handling & transporting, and waterproof two-way air vents to allow continuous core pressure stabilization during elevation changes and high temperatures (a very important feature for mountainous areas).



Flat-Water Lifestyle:

At Lakeshore, we believe in designing unique products that specifically accommodate each area of the flat-water lifestyle. Whether it’s racing or touring, performance or recreation, Lakeshore has a board that will fit your flat-water needs. We recognize there is more to the flat-water market than just touring. There is a range of different flat-water activities and Lakeshore is the only company designing SUPs exclusively for each usage, instead of designing “one board that fits all”. Simply put, Lakeshore Paddleboard Company is your flat-water specialist.


At the core of the Lakeshore brand is our recreational boards, featuring increased widths and volume that lend to more stability and ease in use.  We consider these “true” flat-water recreational designs and Lakeshore is the only company with this type of product.  Furthermore, because Lakeshore understands that the average rider wants a board that is easy to manage and transport, we have developed ultra-lightweight board options that are a first in the industry for recreational designs.



Innovation & Technology:

Lakeshore is consistently striving to be the leader in innovation and technology.  Our ULTRALITES are a clear example of this.  Proudly built in the USA with a hollow core technology that make the boards weigh 6 to 8 lbs. lighter than typical constructions in this industry.  This unique ULTRALITE construction offers unparalleled ease of use and transporting.  No one else in the world offers this weight per volume ratio for recreational boards with the same durability.


Our high tech race board “The Stealth” is another benchmark.  It features a state of the art design developed using advanced scientific knowledge from the sail boat racing industry.  It is built with pure racing characteristics and is our fastest most technologically advanced board to date.  The field results over the last two race seasons have not disappointed either.  The Lakeshore race team has landed the podium in almost every race the Stealth has entered.



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