Chasing a broken record

A nice article on Dave Cornthwaite’s blog about chasing the world record on a SUP – our LPC River Rover to be exact.


2011 has been the year of evolution for long distance Stand Up Paddleboarding. As the year began Tom Jones’ 1507 mile journey along America’s East Coast remained the world distance record for a sport that was growing rapidly in coastal regions, but lagging inland. Then Mike Simpson and Will Rich stepped forward this March, beginning a 1808 mile paddle between Key West and Portland that was to set a new benchmark in the sport.


And then the Summer came. Three men decided to take on the Mississippi by SUP, I just happened to be the third to start. Alex Linnell, a 21 year-old Minnesotan, began on the 1st June and finished his journey on August 9th, claiming two world records, the first to paddle the Mississippi by SUP and the longest distance travelled by SUP.


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